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Good Earth

Good Earth Soap Bar

Good Earth Soap Bar

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Handcrafted by Good Earth here in the United States.  It is 100% natural, contains no animal products or synthetic materials.  It's created to be environmentally friendly & great for your skin.  All butters, oils, waxes & essential oils are sustainably harvested and ethically sourced!

Handmade + Essential Oil based + Palm Oil Free + Vegan + Cruelty Free

Net Wt 4oz.

Ingredients:  water, olive oil, non-gmo organic soy bean oil, organic coconut oil & various Essential oils, depending on soap bar scent.

Choose From:

Cedar & Citrus:  Cedar, orange, lavender, cassia, patchouli Essential oils & rose clay creates an earthy, heart warming scent.

Tea Tree Oatmeal:  Tea Tree, spearmint, rosemary & peppermint Essential oils & oatmeal creates a popular robust soap that not only exfoliates, but is also extremely healing.

Sweet Basil Vanilla:  Basil, vanilla oleoresin Essential oils & glacial marine clay creates a unique herbal fusion that can only be described as rich, sweet & earthy.

Rosemary Mint Hemp:  Peppermint & rosemary Essential oils, organic hemp oil & calendula petals creates a minty, very refreshing & conditioning bar.

Lavender Patchouli:  Bulgarian lavender & East Indian patchouli Essential oils team up to make a gorgeous blend of East meets West.

Grapefruit Lime:  Pink grapefruit, lime & lemon verbena Essential oils,with strawberry seeds for mild exfoliation.  Great for hard to manage skin.

Patchouli:  Patchouli Essential oil plus Rhasoul clay makes a wonderful aromatic earthy scent.  It has been used for centuries to tone & moisturize skin.

Orange Fennel:  Orange, Clove, Fennel & Patchouli Essential oils and turmeric root creates the stunningly delicious sweet smell of orange blossoms with just a touch of fennel.

Lemon Verbena Patchouli:  Lemon verbena & patchouli Essential oils with flax seeds creates a sweet citrus  & earthy scent that will brighten a dull complexion and liven your spirits.


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