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Reusable Safety Razors

Reusable Safety Razors

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Billions of single-use razors are disposed of each and every year.  Due to the metal blade embedded within the head, they cannot be recycled.  Our reusable safety razors are an effective zero-waste swap for plastic-free shaving!

These eco-friendly & plastic-free safety razors have been designed with first-time safety razor users in mind.  The ergonomic grip is textured to reduce slipping, is perfectly weighted to increase comfort & balanced to provide an effortless shaving experience.

Our razors are 100% unisex.  They use any DE (double edged) safety razor blades. They are infinitely reusable and comes with a 5-year warranty!

Choose from (7) Seven different colors:  Bamboo Light Wood Tone, Rose Gold, Metallic Black, Metallic Teal, Pastel Mint Green, Pink, or Blue.

Set Includes:  1 x Safety Razor; 1 x Organic Jute Travel Bag & 1 x Colored Matched Gift Box

***Razor Blades are sold separately***

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