Collection: Refills

We have several refills for personal & household use.  They are priced by the ounce.  We offer 8oz, 16oz or 32oz sizes.  For local deliveries and/or local pick-ups, the refill will be in a clean & sanitized donated jar.  You can keep the product in this jar or empty it into your own container.  When you re-order, we ask that you return the empty container, so we can clean/sanitize nd re-use it.  We have a selection of containers that you can purchase by adding them onto your order.

For orders that are being shipped, we will put the refills in a pouch, with a return label for you to send the empty pouch back to us, to sanitize and re-use on future orders.  

We use a closed loop system, so none of our containers end up in the landfills.