Delivery FAQ's

Q.  Where is delivery available?

A.  We are currently delivering to zip codes:  33037, 33070, 33036


Q.  When will I receive my delivery?

A.  We are currently delivering once a week, on Wednesdays.  Place your order by 5pm on Tuesday and your order will be delivered to your doorstep on that Wednesday.  If you place your order after 5pm on Tuesday, or after Tuesday, your order will be delivered the following Wednesday.


Q.  Is there a delivery fee?

A.  FREE delivery for orders $25.00 & up!  A $5.00 delivery fee will be added if the order is under $25.00. 


Q.  Do the refills come with pumps or spray nozzles?

A.  No.  Refills are delivered in donated upcycled glass jars that you can transfer into your own existing dispenser/container(s).  You can purchase additional containers, spray nozzles or pumps separately through our website.  Look under the Refills tab and under bottles/jars & toppers to add any of these items to your cart.


Q.  What do I do with my empty refill jars?

A..  We will collect them.  Your first order will arrive in a Kraft paper bag.  Please keep this bag to place your empties in.  On the day of your next refill delivery, place the bag with the empties outside your door.  When we drop off your fresh refills, we will collect the empties & leave your fresh refills inside the bag.  All collected empty containers are washed & sanitized and re-used for future deliveries.


Q.  What if I want to have my product in a new jar instead of an upcycled one?

A.  We offer a small selection of NEW glass & plastic containers for sale. You can find these under the Refill tab and under bottles/jars & toppers.  Choose your container and order your refill as usual.  We will put the refill in the container you choose.


Q.  I still have questions-HELP!

A.  No worries- please reach out to us at: and we will be happy to answer any questions you have!